Reading at Zinc Bar 2018 - PDF

Poisoned Avenues at Ajar Press: EnglishVietnamese

Excerpts from Envelope Poems

Blue Envelope #4

Satan is a hot wind

Satan is a boy zoning out

Satan is the neighborhood

you never go to / the city

you avoid visiting

the city that dirties me

And if Satan bathes me do I get clean?

Soap me, corrupt angel,

I am but a weeper

upon misspelled books

an autocrucifier who limps

along with skinned mammals

Satan tether me to earth

Keep me from floating out into visions

close to the unspoken laws

that sculpt my muscles my bones my flesh


Blue Envelope #7

May my death be vigorous

I play the centuries like a hand of cards

I lay with Joan of Arc in bed

and watch the windows change color

her breasts change size

her breaths fill with sickness

that intoxicates me

I become a moldering castle

a lair of criminals

I watch languages die

then bury them in the front yard

with my dear ancestors

so that both call me to join them

Tell me Joan, how much is too much?

When will I sleep in the desert

beside the fire

breeding infinite oohs and aahs?

How long must I seduce

these wayward salesmen

who smuggle repentance

into my criminal heart?


Black Envelope #4

I tasted joy in disappointment

It is a taste in warm city air

that gathers in the tunnel

which runs under every city

At age 5 I sat above it

eating dinner alone in my kitchen

A hot wind blew out its mouth

and in my screen door

Traipsing slowly through the second

or third city I sometimes descend

without realizing into the tunnel

When I exit, vigilant, heavy,

I crave to lick the bloodied knees

of a dour, innocent girl

whose gaze beckons storms