The School of Visual Arts writing program asked me to develop and teach a course focused on leading-edge creative writing and branding for digital platforms. The full course description from the School of Visual Arts Registration Book is below.

The Digital Experience
Wednesday 6:30-9:20
Spring semester: 3 humanities and sciences credits Instructor: N. Schiff 

This course will explore writing for digital platforms, from blogs and social media to artists’ websites and online literary magazines. By examining the most beautiful, dangerous and cutting-edge work from all corners of the Internet, we will investigate and respond to the following: How can we take advantage of the fundamental differences between traditional and digital writing? How is the relationship between visual arts and digital media evolving? What is the vast potential and what are grave perils of writing on the Internet. The focus of the course will not be on expressing ourselves, but rather on creating new digital experiences through writing in a variety of genres, including memoir, fiction, poetry, description of art, about me pages, and more. By the end of the course students will have created a personal website and portfolio, mastered the fundamentals of personal branding, improved their writing skills, and developed their understanding of online audiences.